Introducing Penguin Power

Founded by Jaret Henhoeffer and Jeff Curran, Penguin Power delivers explosive revenue growth through new business development, revolutionary advisory and director services, and financing to high growth oriented entrepreneurs.

Penguin Power’s revenue growth portfolio includes selling Food Industry Plant Manager Organic Waste Collection Services, a Major Retailer on Stocking Zero Turn 100% Electric Riding Lawn Mowers, and a Unique Feed/Fuel Press to Emerging Markets.

Penguin Power’s product development portfolio includes launching IPTV and a new Cellular Network, creating and managing New Product Development processes for Canadian Tire and Mornington Communications, and starting a Rural Incubator that invested in over 150 high-growth companies.

Penguin Power’s advisory portfolio includes consulting multiple Entrepreneurs on Valuations/Mergers and Acquisitions, serving as Director or Advisor on multiple Boards, and overseeing a network of Business Advisors who provided consulting to over 1,000 entrepreneurs.

Penguin Power’s financing portfolio include overseeing investments into over 150 companies through an investment portfolio, sourcing third party investment, negotiating sales to income funds and co-operatives, and angel investment in select companies.

Penguin Power has experience in a wide variety of industries including high-tech, clean-tech, telecommunications and networks, energy generation and conservation, finance, and food-processing.

If you are an entrepreneur ready for explosive growth – give us a call!