Adam J. Levinter – MBA
President, Aragon Interactive Inc.

Jaret was a leader and moderator in our EOA accountability group. He is a great mentor, facilitator, and entrepreneurial mind. His input with respect to strategic business growth helped me navigate through many of the land mines we faced in the early stages of our business. I would describe Jaret as a true listener, who possesses both intelligence and integrity. Without any hesitation, I would recommend him for advisory services, consulting, or general entrepreneurial guidance.

David Moses

Principal, Moses Structural Engineers

Jaret has been a great business mentor to me. He has a fantastic ability to hone in on the roots of a problem and make recommendations. A rare, natural ability that cannot be learned.

Paul Ghezzi

President & CEO, Solar Income Fund Inc.

Jaret has been a leader in the Ontario solar market since the inception of the Green Energy Act. It has been a pleasure to work with Jaret and his team and they have always delivered the results which they promised.

Adnan M. Abouzeeni

General manager. Director of strategy at Great Lakes Energy Inc.

During the past 3 years we had the pleasure of working closely with Penguin Power and its CEO Mr. Jaret Henhoeffer.
During that period I have nothing but praise for the procedures the company and its employees followed. I found them to be efficient knowledgable and impacable in tracking every detail of our joint venture at the time form begining to end.
I will recommand Penguin Power and its officer to any one without hesitation.

On a personal level working closely with Mr. Henhoeffer, I found him to be a man of integrity acountability and hard working.

He demostrated his knowledge by been a team player and providing clear time lines for the project at hand to succeed. I truly enjoyed working with him and sharing his vision and ideas.


Jayson Gaignard

Co-Chair for Learning at Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Selling my first business was overwhelming to say the least. Jaret broke down the process in laymen’s terms from the structure of the deal to the negotiations. I can confidently say that with Jaret’s help (and I personally wouldn’t trust anyone else), I got at least twice as much for my business, and more importantly, I had the comfort of knowing that the deal was done properly.


Jasmin Hofer

CEO GM (Marketing and Sales), Energrow Inc.

Jaret is a high energy and extremely well networked individual. He has a sincere passion for growing business and is always up for a challenge. I am constantly impressed by his pasion, high level work stamina, and his ability to translate his learned knowledge and experiences into producing highly successful enterprises.


Wayne Parker

Owner SkyShed Observatories, Bass Player Glass Tiger

If you get the chance to be involved in business with Jaret, do it! You will not find anyone better to be involved with. It’s my pleasure to highly recommend him.


Chuck Meyer CEM

Director, Facilities Management Dept. at Huron Perth Healtcare Alliance

Jaret and I were on the Board of Directors at Mornington for several years; first as Directors and then Jaret served as Chair. Jaret’s business acumen is astounding. His ability to keep the Board ‘on-track’ during difficult meetings earned my respect.


Richard Banks
General Manager at Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited

Jaret has solid experience with reviewing start up companies and making good assessments of opportunities for growth and improvement. He is an “idea” man who sees these opportunities and helps to translate them into reality. During his tenure on the Board of Mornington Communications this experience helped Mornington avoid potential pitfalls, develop new products and assist in the development of process and structure.


Jens Lohmueller

Founding Partner: Community Partners/CU Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Jaret in the capacity as board director of the Community Power Fund (CPFund).
Jaret is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with a passion for the renewable energy sector, but also for the communities in which he operates.
During his tenure as board director of CPFund, Jaret has demonstrated a solid degree of diligence and prudence in the oversight and governance of the organization.
With his vibrant personality, and collegial approach to problem solving, Jaret has contributed to a very pleasant governance environment at the organization.
I wish Jaret much success in his current and future endeavours and would certainly encourage other organizations to add him as very valuable resource.


Stephen Colley

Development Support Officer at Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

I worked with Jaret in the capacity of Community Economic Development officer with a federal regional development agency. The quality that most demonstrates Jaret’s passion for his community, is his ability to take lofty ideas and ground them in local realities. That is, to make visions doable.


Michael McCourt

President, D&D Automation Inc

Jaret is a strong leader able to take the brand new company from start-up to industry leaders in their category. Jaret’s drive, determination and business development skills would be a huge asset to any team.


Joani Gerber
Owner, Accounting Solutions

As a boss, Jaret’s focus is on the best means possible to provide the best service possible to all clients. Regarding his staff – he is able to manage the needs of the group and the individuals within it effectively. Jaret leads by example and with a “My Doors Always Open” approach.


Paul Nichol
Manager at Huron Business Development Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with Jaret for the past decade on a number of joint economic development projects. I find his corporate business savvy, combined with his natural instincts for community and stakeholder development have made for major contributions to whatever initiative he pursues.


Dave Barrett
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) Coordinator at Bluewater and Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Boards

I worked with Jaret on various community economic development projects in our roles within the Community Futures community.
Two projects come to mind where I personally saw Jaret’s passion, knowledge and leadership:
– Developing the Countryside Energy Co-operative (a green energy co-operative owned by the community)
– Launching the Green Jobs Strategy for southwestern Ontario (a project to study and develop workforce strategies for “green collar” job opportunities).
It is always a pleasure to work with Jaret.


Sunil Bechar

Manager, Marketing Conservation and Demand Management

Jaret has an ability to find unique ways to solve marketing challenges and an ability to deliver results while making it fun and enjoyable along the way.


Scott Williams

Vice President Credit Card Operations at Davis + Henderson

Jaret is a bright action oriented leader with innovative ideas and the energy and enthusiasm to back them up.


Doug Gowman

Investment Advisor, Financial Planner at Manulife Securities

Jaret is a very creative, hard working and responsible person. He is a true entrepreneur, but was able to work effectively in a corporate setting. I enjoyed working with him.