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    Penguin Power facilitates Mergers, Exits and Acquisition Transactions (M&A).

    Penguin Power owns, operates, sells and invests in solar & other renewable technologies.

    Penguin Power invests in companies led by extraordinary entrepreneurs.

    Welcome to Penguin Power

  • Jaret Henhoeffer, Founder, Penguin Power

    Exit and Acquisition Advisor, Investor, interim CEO, Board Chair.

    I live to help passionate entrepreneurs who see the world differently to acquire, build and exit visionary businesses.


    I invest my time and money with friends who live life fully and are willing to get dirty, rollup their sleeves and build companies from idea to exit.


    I am a proud husband, father, friend and partner in extraordinary adventures.




    If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. 

    Marc Anthony

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    Penguin Power Holdings

    M&A Facilitator, Board Member, Investor, Consultant

    As founder of Penguin Power, Jaret invests time and money into entrepreneurs and companies that share his passion for start-ups, scaling and profitable exits.


    Current and past portfolio companies include Accelerated Systems, United Environmental, Portable Electric, Hootsuite, Countryside Energy, StageLeft Partners and Priority Label.


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    Penguin Power Solar

    Co-Founder, President and CEO 

    In 2009, Penguin Power reinvented the Ontario electricity generation sector by assisting farmers and community co-operatives to invest and own a decentralized solar utility, built and owned by Ontarions for Ontarions. Today, Penguin Power owns, operates and maintains our decentralized solar utility.

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    Stage Left Partners


    Stage Left is a boutique M&A Advisory Firm for mid-market companies. Stage Left offers strategic execution for both Acquisition and Exit transactions.


    Stage Left has extensive experience advising privately-owned businesses, portfolio companies of private equity firms and divisions of large corporate parents.


    Stage Left is committed to securing the ideal value when acquiring or selling your business.

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    Priority Label

    CFO, Investor and Chief Growth Strategist

    Priority Label delivers pressure sensitive labels to leading global brands.


    Negotiated and closed deal to acquire company, restructured finances and developed online accounting, reporting and dashboard systems to establish operating platform for future acquisitions and enable profitably, hyper gazelle like growth and rollup strategy.

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    Dana Industries Inc.

    Director of Global Operations 

    Responsible to source and develop global business opportunities including IP and Brand licensing agreements, capital equipment sales, while protecting DANAs global leadership as the 'Home of the World's Best Shelf-Talkers'.

    Responsible for new product development market research, concept validation and full launch planning for start-ups outside of DANAs current core technologies.

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    Entrepreneurs' Organization

    Mentor, Accelerator Program, Forum Moderator, Founding Board Member and Membership Chair 

    Mentor entrepreneurs in the Accelerator Program who are rapidly growing revenues in excess of $1Million EO entry-level criteria. Moderate/lead our Forum Group monthly business growth meetings. Founding Board Member and Membership Chair for new SouthWest Ontario (SWO) Chapter

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    Perth Community Futures, Stratford SBEC

    Incubator Founder, General Manager

    Established Perth Community Futures and Stratford Business Enterprsise Centre securing Federal and Provincial incubator government funding. Assisted over 2,000 entrepreneurs via consulting with growth capital investments in 140 businesses.

  • Testimonials

    Exit, Acquisition, JV Transactions

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    Elmira StoveWorks

    Sale of Elmira StoveWorks to Plaintree Systems (NPT: CNSX)

    Completed exit transaction.


    "Jaret quarterbacked our sale of Elmira from start to finish. His incredible team identified a long list of acquirer's we had never heard of, chased them down, negotiated and closed a transaction that cashed us out and enabled the brand we created to flourish in the future"

    Tom and Brian Hendricks, Founders, Elmira StoveWorks

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Arcane Digital Marketing Agency

    Sale of Arcane to Republix

    Completed exit transaction.


    "When we asked Jaret to sell Arcane, the four shareholders did not know the true complexities and details required to navigate the sale successfully. For example, I never expected that enabling the close would require Jaret to assist the acquirer in sourcing their financing. During the negotiation, Jaret increased the net proceeds by significantly more than their fees: a true win/win and a well-managed prcess from start to finish."  

    John D'Orsey and Eric Vardon, Co-Founders Arcane

    Also in Picture Lindsay Schneider, CEO and David Bunce, CFO

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Hogan Pharmacy Partners

    Sale of Hogan Pharmacy Partners to CareRx (TSX: CRRX)

    Completed exit transaction.


    "Despite some reluctance originally, Jaret and his partners took our innovative pharmacy technology company to market. If patience and perseverance is a virtue, Jaret demonstrated both in the succesful sale of Hogan. After taking us to market with endless calls to a long list of possible acquirers it became clear the larger industry players were not ready to make the leap forward. Jaret persevered and kept knocking on doors for several years until the buyer's were ready to bid, negotiate and close. Jaret was deteremined to achive our goals and we could rely on him to pursue our interests. We would use him again."  

    Darryl Moore and Jeff Churchman, Co-Founders, Hogan Pharmacy Partners

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Sittler Demolition

    Sale of Sittler Demolition

    Completed exit transaction.


    "Selling a demolition business is not an easy task. When I decided to exit, Jaret reluctantly took on the challenge. After approaching over 30 companies, Jaret found a buyer, negotiated and closed the sale that enabled my exit."  

    Steve Sittler, Owner, Sittler Demolition

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Priority Label

    Acquisition of Priority Label, Sale of LabelinK

    Completed exit transaction, completed acquisition transaction, retained as shareholder, investor and advisor.


    "After assisting me with the sale of LabelInk, Jaret tackled my acquisition search, found and enabled the purchase of Priority Label. After buying the company, I invited Jaret to be a minority shareholder, trusted advisor, financial steward and we continue to grow the business together. There is no one I trust more with our future."  

    Peter Cassaro, Owner, Priority Label Products

    John Ricci, President, Dana Industries

    Dana Industries

    Joint Venture

    Structured and facilitated negotiations for a Joint Venture in Central America.


    "Jaret Henhoeffer has become my go to guy. His expertise in all aspects of business is second to no one. He is always the first person I ask when I face a business challenge. I've learned to trust his methodic approach to any issue I've thrown at him. He is always available for a quick chat or a major presentation. HE is a stellar father and husband that holds on to his ethics, morals and values. I'm proud to call him my friend and business associate."

    John Ricci, President, Dana Industries

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Tickets Canada

    Exit Transaction

    Coached Jayson through the exit process from how to structure the sale, approach the negotiation and valuation, and expedite due diligence and closing.


    "Selling my first business was overwhelming to say the least. Jaret broke down the process in laymen's terms from the structure of the deal to the negotiations. I can confidently say that with Jaret's help (and I personally wouldn't trust anyone else), I got at least twice as much for my business, and more importantly, I had the comfort of knowing that the deal was done properly."  

    Jay Gaignard, Founder, MasterMind Talks

    Founder, Tickets Canada

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    Solar Income Fund

    Start-up, Development and Sale of a Solar YieldCo

    After pioneering a revolutionary solar lease model, Penguin Power Solar installed, packaged and sold multiple asset portfolios to Solar Income Fund, Solar Share Co-operative and other private investment groups. Penguin Power continues to operate & maintain a decentralized solar utility until 2032.


    "Jaret has been a leader in the Ontario solar market since the inception of the Green Energy Act. It has been a pleasure to work with Jaret and his team and they have always delivered the results which they promised."  

    Paul Ghezzi, CEO, Kontrol Energy Group

    Former CEO, Solar Income Fund

    Peter Cassaro, CEO, Priority Label

    SkyShed and 100+ Other Investments

    Investment in SkyShed and 100+ Other Companies

    As the founding GM, Jaret led the Perth Community Futures investments in over 100+ start-up and growth companies over an 8 year period, including structuring a syndicated investment in SkyShed.


    "If you get the chance to be involved in business with Jaret, do it! You will not find anyone better to be involved with. It's my pleasure to highly recommend him."  

    Wayne Parker, Founder, SkyShed and SkyShed POD

    WInner of 5 Juno Awards, Glass Tiger

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    Waterloo, Canada Area